Us here at Brewedmonds are simply grateful for your excitement in The Founder. The demand exceeded the supply!

Don’t worry.. Here is a preview of our upcoming offering. Cold brew concentrate & ready to drink bottles!

Stay tuned.

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Sara Edmonds
The Founder

After a labor of love, we couldn’t be more excited to offer: The Founder. 

This is the first bottle for Brewedmonds, with our other offerings coming right around the corner. By that, we mean the bottles are labeled, filled with cold brew and are ready for a home. 

We hope you enjoy not only the cold brew concentrate that’s in the bottle, also the bottle itself. We thought it spoke to what Brewedmonds stands for: Quality cold brew, while not bein pretentious. 


It's Finally Here!

Well, we're finally here, we have an official website!  So here's a little background: 

Sara and Anthony started Brewedmonds (Brew + Edmonds) in July 2017.  Sara, a coffee lover for her entire adult life and Anthony, a converted one, saw the need for an affordable tasty cold brew. Typically cold brew is seen as a seasonal drink, however, we drink it year round. We will be rolling out our retail operations this spring and summer through local farmer's markets and events. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Sara Edmonds